Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Day

We finally got a little warm weather last weekend and the kids were able to go out and draw with chalk.

I scrapped some of the photos using Sweet Sunshine for Patricia by Meredith Cardall.  The colors are very pretty and make me think of lemonade for some reason.  I really like the flowers in this kit too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Every time I think I'm getting caught up with things, something new and bizarre happens!  This time I passed out at Wal-Mart and wound up in the ER (a week ago tonight).  No idea what happened or why.  All I know is that I didn't get any of my shopping done that night and I have a big bump on my head and weird bruises all over the place!  Now I just feel generally loopy which may be how one feels after a concussion - I don't know because this is my first!

So, here is a photo of the kids from Valentine's Day with their Webkinz.  I used a kit by Julie Marie Designs called Be Mine to scrap them.  These are the only photos I got of the day and I had to force myself to take them - like I said, I just don't feel "right" yet. 


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365, Week 2

Here's a layout with my photos from Week 2.  I used the Faith Hope Love CURE kit by Simply Susan with a template by Chrissy W.  The clocks are from the DSA Scrap Off 2010 kit (which I didn't win by the way).

This one is using Graffit Grunge by Kreative Karma.

It's snowing here again right now.  It snowed yesterday too and we had ice and freezing rain.  So when you see the photos from this week, you'll see how deep the tricycle is buried in snow this time!  School was only open on Thursday of last week.  They'll probably be out a few days (at least) this week as well.  Their logic here is that, if it's not safe for the school buses in every area of the county (which is wide-spread), they close all the schools in the county.  They already don't get out until June 18th, so the more time they miss due to snow, the greater the likelihood that they will be in school even later into June.  Ugh.  Since I grew up where snow is the norm, I don't recall ever missing a day of school.  It was the student's responsibility to get there, bus or no bus.  So rest assured, we were always there!  And the city buses didn't stop running for anything either so there was always an option.  Oh well, let it snow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Project 365 - Week 1

Finally!!  I have scrapped some of my 365 photos.  Thanks to the By the Numbers Challenge at Gotta Pixel and some fantastic products from Kristmess Designs and Colie's Corner.

I used Maman Mini Kit by Kristmess - I just love those beautiful flowers.  I also used her Date Wheel templates and 2Y'sUR Alphabet which I masked with a paper from Maman to match.  I also used What a Week Template from Colie's Corner.  Hopefully I'll get the next 3 weeks done before this week is over!