Monday, August 23, 2010

School is almost here!

My school layout in the post below was featured on the My Pic Tales blog!!  It's always exciting and flattering to be recognized.

Josh has Kindergarten Orientation morning on Wednesday of this week.  They didn't do this when Sam started school.  I think it's actually very nice.  He'll be there for 3 hours and he'll meet his teacher, get his desk set up, and then tour through the school and learn where everything is.  Hopefully this will also help with Sam who believes that it is her job to lead him around everywhere and deliver him to his classroom!  I don't think he's looking forward to even more bossing around by his big sister.

Here's another new layout of the two of them playing robot dog (or something like that) with a box.  They are always coming up with some creative games together when they're not fighting!

I used a kit by Stacy Carlson, Robot Love.

Hope to get some more scrapping done this week.  I have tons of pool pictures that I need to scrap!

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