Friday, August 21, 2009

Church Secretaries Unite!

In search of... FREE Christian graphics (not cartoons!).

I'm an Administrative Assistant at my church, Fairmount Christian. One of my duties is creating the Sunday bulletins. I like to match the clipart and graphics I use to the Scriptures or topics that are being discussed during the sermon but, more often than not, I can't find what I'm wanting.

So I've been creating them using free stock photos and Photoshop (see the one above). So I decided to share them with other Church Secretaries and AA's out there who may be having the same problems. A wonderful friend and talented photographer has agreed to help me out by providing the photos and we're going to post the freebies here. For now, you can just click on the image to view it full size and then save it to your hard drive. Please don't hotlink cause I don't have any bandwith! Once I figure out a better way, we'll change the download procedures.

So tell your friends to come visit when they're looking for something and maybe we'll have it. You can also let me know if there's something in particular you're looking for and I'll try to create it for you. We'll see how this goes!

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